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As the demand for power runs through your home, there is non-productive current (heat) that strains your home appliances and wiring. This heat is wasted energy that you are paying for. The KEC optimizes the power that comes into your home, allowing your appliances and equipment motors to operate more efficiently. This reduces heat (wasted electricity), which in turn lowers your electric bill, reduces the chance of fires, and increases the life of your appliances and motorized equipment.

  • 8-10% realized in monthly savings
  • 5-year warranty
  • Investment return (36 months or less)
  • Reduced energy demand
  • Decreased heat dissipation (extends life of appliances)
  • Amperage surge protection for all your home equipment
  • Patented and UL/CSA listed product
  • Take it with you when you move
  • ROHS Compliant
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Kvar pu 1200

PU 1200

Single phase 200 amp panel mount system

Kvar pu 1400

PU 1400

Single phase 400 amp panel mount system

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